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Steve and Teri

We used Emsad to sell our home and buy a new one, after having previously used two other Realtors in the Cedar Valley. My main selection criteria for a Realtor are someone I can trust has my best interests in mind and is an expert in their field. Emsad exemplifies both of these qualities. We listed and sold our house at a fair market price that ensured we didn’t languish on the market with numerous price drops, while preserving my investment and equity in the home. During the purchase of our new home Emsad was a phenomenal coach during the offer and negotiation phase, inspection result negotiations, and closing process. At every step of the way he was candid and professional, upfront and timely with communication, and available at any time to answer questions and provide guidance. This made a stressful process smooth and enjoyable while being confident we got the best deal on both ends. I have not hesitated to recommend my closest friends to use Emsad, who have all shared similar results. I don’t give out recommendations lightly, yet have no concern that he won’t live up to the high standard he demonstrated to me. Use Emsad for your buying and selling needs, you won’t be disappointed.
– Steve and Teri