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Our Story

Begic FamilyAs young children, we both experienced a war-torn country, Bosnia. Fleeing a place we called home, we knew it was never going to feel home again. Spending many years in refugee camps was unpleasant. Back then, it was only a dream to live in a place called the United States. A dream that seemed out of reach. A dream our parents would give anything for an opportunity to set foot on the land of the free. In the late 1990s, a dream became a reality.

We settled in the Cedar Valley, which quickly became home. Not knowing English, we assimilated to a new culture and a new beginning. As each year went by, we have learned the sacrifice of life. We have learned from our parents the value of hard work, determination and loyalty. But most importantly, we have learned the meaning of trust.

As young teens, we had to translate to our parents the purchase of a vehicle or a Real Estate property, amongst many other things. We learned a handshake meant good business before we graduated high school. With determination and commitment, we graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. Go Panthers!

Throughout our professional careers, we learned the business industry and the importance of producing quality work. Living in the Cedar Valley has been fulfilling. The community has inspired us to grow as individuals and leaders, which is why we established Vine Valley Real Estate. Our goal is to institute roots in the Cedar Valley and grow our business with trust and integrity. We are committed to delivering Real Estate solutions to our clients by providing exceptional service utilizing modern technologies as well as partnering with community leading businesses to produce quality results.